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Why Parents Counsel?

My engagement in the parents counsel of our Wuermtalschule in Merklingen and now at the Johannes-Kepler-High School (Gymnasium) in Weil der Stadt is because

I like it to form, to organize, to enhance the life in our school together with other parents.

This engagement of all parents provides us with the ability to create and to perform events like treads of our school chorus, musicals, project days/weeks, school festivals, Christmas markets, lectures, expert discussions, discussions on actual issues, and, and, and...

Based on this engagement of our parents projects like "MEP movement enhanced playground" can be introduced and developed. In the MEP we offer our children during the main pause in the morning a set of tools and toys to enable their sportive engagement. There are a lot of more examples...

The support of our parents is also visible in our selling of school beverages during the main pauses, an evolution of the previous selling of school milk.

From my view this engagement is mandatory to prevent our children from i.e. violence, drugs, dependencies etc. Our discussion rounds on "manias and preventive actions" had been a real success.

Without the unlimied support of the management of our school this would also be impossible.

For the same reasons I'm engaged in the parents counsel (term/class 12) in the Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium (High School) in Weil der Stadt.

Further information? comments? hints?

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The o.m. issues motivated me since 1990, to engage myself as head / deputy of the parents counsel of our Wuermtalschule and to organize and form the life at our school in charge of the parents.

Created Nov. 10, 98. Latest Update: Nov. 29,98.